Don't Mess with Me - I am the M.O.B.

OK friends & Family,


I’ve been a GILF, a MILF and now I’m going to be a MOB- Mother of the Bride.

With this title comes Responsibilities. All of which started coming to me the day after the engagement party. Acting as hostess, wedding consultant and sometimes counselor are all duties assumed by a mother of the bride, on top of maintaining a cordial relationship with the groom's family.

Lucky for me I have a committee of two wonderful friends of my daughter, Kaydi and Krista. ...They are full of zest, enthusiasm and creativity. I am the organizer (with the charge card).

There is a long list but to spare you I’ll keep this short but so far these are what I see to be most important:

• First and foremost, be a warm listener, chief cheerleader, constant complimenter, and otherwise a source of support for my daughter. • Help Jisele find the wedding dress of her dreams, as well as other wedding attire. • Help look for wedding and reception locations. • Contact Rayn’s (the groom) parents and arrange to meet.

Jisele. my daughter - two things I promise I will NOT be for you: The Micro-Manager or The Casual Observer

• The Micro-Manager is A typical perfectionist. This mother of the bride is constantly fixing your hair, your dress, the centerpieces, and the flowers. She can't rest until everything is perfect event though you’ve decided to let it go. She tries recruiting others to help her in her perfectionist quest, but always ends up redoing what they've done because it's not "just right." A sequin is loose on your veil? Better sit down; she's already got the sewing kit out.

• The Casual Observer is just the opposite of the micro-manager and a stage-10 clinger. Some guests even mistake her for an aunt or a cousin, but she doesn't take offense. She's content to sit on the sidelines and watch the action instead of being in the middle of it -- even if it means deserting her daughter! You’re just glad she wore the dress you bought her instead of the faded jeans she really wanted to wear.

I have decided that the main role of this M.O.B. will be to stand back and let my daughter shine on her special day.

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