No matter what it is that you do, do it with JOY

I was reminded today of a day last summer when I was living in Phoenix and I was driving from I-10 to the 202 loop and exited off the freeway at 32 Street . Stopped at the light under the overpass there was a city worker with the orange vest on and he was picking up trash. He had the white cloth over his ears and neck with a hat on to shield him from the insane Phoenix heat.

I watched as he bent over several times with his nifty nabber in hand as he picked up each piece of trash. I sat in my air-conditioned car and immediately felt grateful -perhaps because I was cool, perhaps because that was not my job.

The light turned green and without thinking I rolled down my window and looked this man in the eye and said “Thank you”. He stared at me with a happy puzzled look. I drove away slowly while looking in my side view mirror and I could see him just standing there with the look still on his face as if frozen. Perhaps he continued (for at least a little while) to finish his task with a bit of joy.

I proceeded to have an excellent day.

Think about who you can thank today for a simple act that often goes without recognition. No matter what it is that you do, do it with joy. Being joyful makes a huge difference in the quality of our lives and in the lives of those with whom we come into contact.


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