Shari Joyce is an experienced personal growth consultant who is innovative, enthusiastic and results oriented. As a single mom Ms. Joyce raised two children and developed a successful sales career. Shari is a certified mediation specialist and has worked with adolescents, teens, families and communities through dispute resolution. She has led parenting classes in Arizona, coordinated numerous projects for homeless youth in San Diego and enhanced the emotional and social well being of medically challenged children in Peru.


Shari’s own experience with sexual assault, missing children and being alienated makes her truly empathetic to these incidents. Her focus is to help others move from victim through survivor to thriver!

Coming to a location near you-

Our Daughters, Our Selves
Thriving or Struggling?

This is a two hour workshop designed to help you understand the world of girls

today and, in doing so, connect with the girl within.  Our adolescent daughters

struggle with questions that we still, as adult women, may not have resolved.


We will explore:


• How important are looks and popularity?

• How do I care for myself and not be selfish?

• How can I be honest and still be loved?

• How can I achieve and not threaten others?

• How can I be sexual and not a sex object?

• How can I be responsive but not responsible for everyone?


There is a new energy that comes from making connections. Let’s reestablish each woman as the subject of her life and not as the object of others’ lives.

Contact us to bring this workshop to your community. Cost to attend is only $18.00 per person.