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Are you a small business? As the owner of a small business myself, I feel we have the distinct advantage of changing our plan or tactics much faster than larger competitors. A larger company must involve many people and processes when making changes and gaining approvals slowing the process.  We can also adapt, based on customer feedback, much more easily than our larger competition. Divine Consultant brings together the creativity, meticulous planning and flawless delivery which categorizes top marketing agencies but adds the passion and price competitiveness only a boutique consulting firm will achieve. 


Whatever the size of your business and whoever your target market is, the message you put forth, and how it is delivered is crucial to the success of your company. After all of the time and effort that you invest to make your business the best it can be, you want to make sure that your customers, clients, patients or patrons get the right idea about what you can do for them. And remember, personal development precedes business development. This is where Divine Consultant comes in.

Divine Consultant is here to support and work directly with individuals and organizations that honor higher guidance, power of presence, and lead with compassion. It all results in clearer vision, alignment, enthusiasm, performance, grace, and peace. It also leads to abundantly growing revenue streams, income and profits.

We do this by serving and appreciating our customers, giving time and profits to our community, growing people and helping them realize their full potential, and leading others by inspiring them to give, serve, and expand. Mindfulness, meditation and wellness are not only linked to the total body experience but they are all connected to corporate America’s bottom line.

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