Divine Consultant specializes in Value-Based Relationships. Our business is to be up on Your business. As creative sales and marketing consultants, we learn your business model, industry, stress factors and customer base.

You've asked for access to executive-level buyers. We capture and communicate the value of your product or service and reach the Decision makers. 

We Believe


Personal Development precedes Business Development! By serving our customers, giving time and profits to our community, growing people and helping you realize your full potential, this leads to success. Mindfulness, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are all connected to corporate America’s bottom line: People, planet & profit!

Shari Joyce


"Shari is not only a highly competent person, she is kind and compassionate as well. I have known Shari for many years and I have always known her to be the consummate professional. Shari has many different skills which she brings to business; she understands business needs, can operate within many different cultures, is easy to talk to, and more importantly, Shari is acutely adept in finding solutions.


I definitely believe that Shari and her multi-talented skill set would be beneficial to any company looking to move forward in a positive direction." 


-Art, Manufacturing Manager

Shari Joyce



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